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The Search Continues for a Murder Suspect!

March 7, 2019
police search for murder suspect

PHOENIX, AZ – The Phoenix Police Department is asking for the help of the public. A murder suspect had fled the scene of a crime and has been missing for nearly two weeks. This man is responsible for killing a valley father.

Currently, the family prepares to lay the beloved father to rest. Joseph Daleon, 37, had three kids and a fiancé. Now, the family is without a provider. When Daleon perished, he was on his way to visit a friend.

Although, the family is still seeking justice. The accused killer is Robert Ruiz. He is 22-years-old. Ruiz is about 5’4” at 130 pounds. He also has many tattoos. Interestingly, the most distinguishing tattoos that Ruiz has are on his eyelids.

Meanwhile, as the crime was committed Ruiz was wearing all black. Ruiz wore a black pullover hoodie with black pants and he also wore wearing black sneakers.

So, what happened?

This shooting occurred on February 23 at the 7-Eleven on the McDowell and 24th intersection. The father and husband, Joseph Daleon, got out of his car when Ruiz approached him. Ruiz confronted Daleon and opened fire on him. While Daleon was injured, Ruiz took various belongings that belonged to Daleon. Apparently, he also attempted to drive off in Daleon’s car but something kept him from doing so. Unfortunately, the incident resulted in the fatality of Daleon. Ruiz took off into an alley. Police have been searching for him ever since.

It’s incidents like this that reminds the public that this could happen to anyone. That’s why police are asking the public for help in solving this case. This man is dangerous. If you know where Robert Ruiz resides or have any information about him, contact Silent Witness.

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