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Suspect of Scottsdale Murder Found Dead in Hotel

June 4, 2018

Recently, there were a few murders in Phoenix and Scottsdale.  The suspect was found dead by police Monday morning in his room at the Extended Stay America hotel. The suspect had gone on a 72-hour killing spree and managed to kill 4 victims.


Police still do not know how the targets were all connected to each other but they continue to investigate. His first target was Steven Pitt. Pitt was a forensic psychiatrist that worked on the Baseline Killer case as well as the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. The suspect shot Pitt outside of Pitt’s office. After Pitt’s death, the office turned in footage of their security cameras to police.


The second and third victims were both paralegals and both were women. Valeria Sharp and Laura Anderson were both shot in a law office in downtown Scottsdale. Police found one of them dead inside the office. The other woman was shot but had ran outside to try and get help but she did not survive the gunshot.


The suspect managed to kill a fourth person, Marshall Levine. Levine was shot and killed in a commercial building in Scottsdale. Levine was also a psychologist. His body was found by a co-worker inside the building.


When police found the fourth victim, they were able to track down the suspect. The SWAT team evacuated rooms on the floor of the suspect at the Extended Stay America Hotel. Gunshots were fired inside the suspect’s room, but it was not by the police. They used a drone to check from the windows but did not see him. Once they entered the room, the suspect was found dead on the floor. He had committed suicide by shooting himself.

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