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Never having shipped a car before, I wasn't sure what to expect.. I gave several local companies various calls trying to find a trustable company. I needed my vehicle transported down to San Diego. I decided to go with these guys. Once my vehicle was picked up everything went great. The process was quick and easy. Definitely a great way to transport your vehicle!

Ronnie T. April 26, 2018

Customer Reviews

The communication prior to dropping off my car was very clear. My car was picked up and delivered in a timely manner, with professional communication throughout the experience. The only downfall was that my car was dirty after which I took my car to the car wash. However, it was a great experience!

Scott W. February 5, 2018

Customer Reviews

They did a great job of communicating and with making the entire process smooth and as stress-free as possible. They were courteous, quick to reply to any texts or emails, and does their best throughout the entire process. Overall, it was a good experience. Great customer service!

Deborah T. October 27, 2017

Customer Reviews

Never having shipped a car before, I wasn't sure what to expect but then a friend recommended Phoenix Car Transport and I'm so glad I took the advice. Everything went smoothly and was quick and easy with good communication throughout the process. The best car moving company ever!

Marta L. November 30, 2016

Customer Reviews

I moved my car from Phoenix to Baltimore. The car arrived 3 days late than promised. They could have done a better job explaining how long it would take to arrive, but it arrived damage free, so I was happy with their service. Overall, I am very satisfied with this company. I’d recommend it to a friend!

Mason D. July 3, 2015

Customer Reviews

Setting a pickup date took about a week which was acceptable given the location my 2 cars were supposed to be shipped from. Everything went smoothly once my cars were picked up. They went all the way from Southern California to Nebraska in just under 6 days. My cars were the same as I gave them. Good price for delivering 2 cars. I might consider using them again.

Sarah W. April 12, 2013

Customer Reviews

My car was picked up on Tuesday evening in Phoenix and shipped to NY on Sunday morning. My driver was highly communicative and set the reasonable meetup times that met my schedule.  Excellent service. Very organized and efficient. Thank you, Phoenix Car Transport team.

Nicole T. August 25, 2011

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I have used this car moving company twice over the last three years and had good service with them both times. The car was picked up when promised near San Francisco, CA and delivered, undamaged, when promised to an address in Pheonix, AZ. Couldn't ask for more!

Nick G. May 16, 2010