Phoenix fire

Massive Fire Ruined the Commercial Building in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona---- Massive fire broke out at a commercial building near Phoenix Sky Harbor on Wednesday night.   Dozens of firefighters worked to extinguish the fire. The building is located at 40th Street and Winslow Avenue, ...Read More

Missing Teen’s Body Identified in Phoenix

  PHOENIX, ARIZONA –On Sep 6 The Phoenix Police Department announced that they identified the body found in the desert near Phoenix a couple of days ago.   They announced that the found body belonged to a missing 19-year-old Kier...Read More

Phoenix crash truck

Phoenix- Bound Bus and a Semi-Truck Crash Left 8 People Killed

The crash of Phoenix –bound passenger bus and a semi-truck on Thursday along Interstate 40 in New Mexico, near the Arizona border killed 8 people and got many more injured.   Semi-tractor was traveling eastbound when the tire blew out an...Read More

Phoenix police officer

‘’ This is one of the most difficult moments in my life ‘’: Phoenix Officer is Recovering After Being Shot

Phoenix, Arizona --- A Phoenix policeman got shot and wounded during a traffic stop a week ago.   The officer said he was looking forward to returning to the job.   The officer can’t wait to get back to work. He said on the de...Read More

Phoenix police officer shot

Phoenix Officer Was Shot During a Traffic Stop at Cave Creek and Cactus roads

A Phoenix police officer was in critical condition Thursday night after being shot during a traffic stop, officials said.   The suspect got shot too by the officer who returned gunfire, said Phoenix police Sgt. Mercedes Fortune.   ...Read More