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shutdown trucking

This is Why the Government Shutdown Affects Trucking

The government shutdown has influenced the trucking industry. It's okay now, but the trucking industry's luck might run out. Since the shutdown started on December ...Read More

Autonomous Trucks driver shortage

Autonomous Trucks Could Take Over!

Lately, there has been a lot of pressure on the U.S.Trucking industry. As the demand for drivers increases, supply decreases. There is a trucker shortage but Autonomous Vehicles could be the solution! ...Read More

phoenix pedestrian crashes

Trucking as a Lifestyle Choice

This way of life takes planning, and as a trucker, there is no such thing as a dull day. Everyday occurrences that many people don’t think twice about (laundry, using the restroom, or getting a snack) amplify in difficulty. Knowing that one isn...Read More

Phoenix Halloween

No Need to Spend Money: Phoenix Has Free Events for This Weekend

Thinking about going somewhere, but tight on budget? You got lucky.   Here is how to have fun with little money or for free in Phoenix.   Love reading novels? Monthly meetings of Long and Short of It Book Club stands out from other lite...Read More

Phoenix dont's

You Should Never Do These Things in Phoenix : Follow-Up!

No matter which city you visit, there are things you should never do, ever! When it comes to Phoenix, a city with a certain reputation, follow our blog and never do these things once you are in there.So what are those things? We are going to talk ...Read More