phoenix school protest

Phoenix School Teachers Continue their Protests Against Low Pay and School Funding

Arizona Educators United leaders announced Monday that the state's teacher walkout will proceed into Wednesday.   The decision was declared in the statement that was made on a closed group on Facebook, by Dylan Wegela, the administrator of...Read More

Trucking in Arizona

Nikola Motor About to Build its Electric Semi-Trucks in Arizona

A $1 billion hydrogen-electric semi-truck factory will be built by Nikola Motor in a suburb of Phoenix as the company pushes forward with its plan to deliver “the iPhone of trucking” to an industry that has historically centered on diesel vehicle...Read More

The Future of Transportation is Near, and More is to Take After

Although everyone complains about the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate, a now-suspended effort is to establish national speed limit caps for commercial trucks, a growing shortage of truck parking spaces, collapsing highway infrastructure, and ...Read More